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Mole Blends & Meal Range

For optimum performance, livestock require the correct balance of nutrients bought at a competitive price and supplied in a reliable and consistent way.

Mole Valley Farmers are able to provide a complete range of standard or bespoke blended mixes, either as a coarse blended mix or as a ground meal designed and formulated for dairy, beef and youngstock enterprises.

Mole blends and meals offer the opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce costs, whether feeding is based on a Total Mixed Ration (TMR), a semi complete diet or on a more conventional feeding system.

With only one or two different feeds to store, this reduces the number of individual feedstuffs being handled and simplifies the feeding system. It saves time, money, reduces waste and reduces the cost of carrying too much feed.

  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces labour cost
  • Reduces machinery cost
  • Reduces capital tied up in feed stocks
  • Eliminates the overuse of expensive raw materials through more accurate feeding

Blends and meals can be formulated from a much wider range of quality raw materials than would normally be available on farm. This will lead to a total ration which is optimized for rumen function and overall nutrient supply.

  • Reduces risk to animals from raw material variability
  • Improves animal performance
  • Flexibility to use best value feeds according to market price fluctuations.

Mole blends and meals are manufactured at one of Mole Valley Farmer’s dedicated blending plants or feed mills, all of which are UFAS registered.

  • Eliminates the danger of operator error on farm
  • Provides accurate mixing
  • Provides full quality control
  • Provides full traceability
  • Reduces on farm wastage Mole blends and meals offer full flexibility and provide opportunities for numerous feed options. This allows farmers the chance to react to a volatile raw material market and buy best value while still meeting the nutrient requirements of their livestock.
  • It is possible to rebalance diets by adjusting the next load of blend.
  • Deliveries can be made in any size between 4 tonnes and 29 tonnes.
  • Products are available with appropriate mineral and vitamin supplementation.
  • They can be adjusted to complement home grown forage, moist feeds, fodder beet and farm cereal availability.
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Today, with our strategically placed mills and blend manufacturing sites across the south of England and Wales (far more than any other supplier), together with our team of nutritional advisers and dedicated customer support specialists we are able to provide a unique service to our members across a wide range of farm types and production systems.

Also, our buying power and economy of scale reduce costs. The savings are passed on to our members and ensure that our prices remain competitive.

“improve efficiency and maximise farm profitability.”

Along with our standard blend and meals range, our Mole Valley Feed Solutions qualified nutritional advisers are also proud to offer tailor made custom blends and meals which are specific to your own farm requirements. A unique rationing program allows the tailor made blends to be formulated to complement on farm feeds and balance rations perfectly.

This service together with ongoing after sales support, performance monitoring and a farm costings service if required, ensure that customers are feeding the right product at the right time to improve efficiency and maximise farm profitability.

Call Blends Team: 01566 780284

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