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Calm at ChristmasCalm at Christmas

Calm at Christmas

Christmas can be a confusing and stressful time for some dogs as routines often go out of the window and are replaced with unusual sights, sounds and smells. Preparation is key to helping you and your pooch stay calm this Christmas, so follow our guide below to get the best out of your holiday. 


Before the big day, prepare some long lasting treats to keep your dog occupied.

Lick mats are a great option and can be smeared with all sorts of tasty treats such as mashed banana, natural yogurt, or this delicious DeliYumm paste.

You could also fill and freeze a Kong or treat your pooch to a long-lasting treat like a healthy pizzle or no-hide chew as a Christmas gift. 

Dealing with distractionsDealing with distractions

Dealing with distractions

If you’re having guests over, ensure your dog has a quiet space that they can access if needed. This may mean putting up baby gates or creating a den a few days beforehand so they have time to get used to it. 
Trees are particularly interesting to dogs, especially when one appears in their home. Make sure any wires for lights are inaccessible and chocolate decorations are out of reach. Don’t let your dog drink from the tree’s water as it may contain toxic sap. 
On the day, try to take your dog for a long morning walk to burn off some energy. They’re less likely to misbehave or get stressed if they’re tired. 
Whilst unwrapping gifts, ensure your dog cannot access anything toxic or dangerous. Why not keep them occupied with their own gift from our Christmas pet range?


When it comes to Christmas dinner, you don’t have to leave your pooch out! Set them aside their own pet-safe meal and ask guests to refrain from feeding them from the table. A lifetime of training can take minutes to undo and you don’t want to encourage your dog to continue begging for scraps in the future. It may be wise to shut them in their quiet area for a nap while you eat so they can recover for their afternoon of fun! 
When boredom strikes, you can use your frozen lick mat, Kong or long-lasting chew to occupy them. Remember to cut their daily portion of food if they’re getting extra treats. 


With a bit of preparation your pooch can have the perfect day too, however if they’re likely to find the period stressful you may want to consider a calming supplement like Yumove Calming Care.