Charlie Dimmock Webinar - 15th April | 2.30pm Charlie Dimmock Webinar - 15th April | 2.30pm

Charlie Dimmock Webinar

Charlie will be presenting a live Q&A webinar exclusively for us on

Thursday 15th April at 2.30pm.

Our webinar will act as a chance to gain knowledge and insight from Charlie, as well as an opportunity to ask your questions on how to make the most of your garden. You’ll learn more about:


  • Gardening tips for spring
  • Lawn treatment and aftercare
  • How to get the most from your garden size
  • Why raised beds are so beneficial and how to build them
  • All you need to know about plants and compost
  • Water gardens and container gardening
  • The benefits of gardening on our wellbeing
Open to all, Everyone welcome - reserve your spaceOpen to all, Everyone welcome - reserve your space
Charlie DimmockCharlie Dimmock

Charlie Dimmock 

We have enlisted the help of one of Britain’s best known and widely respected gardeners - Charlie Dimmock - to help with all your garden-related queries. Famed from her time on BBC’s garden makeover program, Ground Force with Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie’s Garden Army and most recently BBC One’s Garden Rescue with garden designers the Rich brothers, her gardening expertise will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to get outdoors and nurture your own green space.

Now more than ever 

It has never been more important to take a moment to absorb our natural surroundings. There are several reasons why so many of us flocked to our gardens during the pandemic; birdsong, the calming breeze, a taste of normality, personal reward; and it is scientifically proven that the great outdoors has a positive impact on our mental health.

This year, Mole Valley Farmers want to encourage everyone to utilise their outdoor space, and invest some invaluable time in themselves, and we think engaging with nature is a perfect way to do it!

Charlie DimmockCharlie Dimmock