Christmas Trees

Available In-store From 21st November 2020

This year, something you can be in control of is picking out the perfect Christmas tree. We make sure that all of our trees are grown within the UK and are hand selected, meaning you get the best quality at an affordable price.

Save 25% Early Bird Discount on Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Trees | 21st – 30th November 2020

Mole Valley Farmers

In our Mole Valley Farmers stores, you’ll be able to choose from five different sized Nordmann Fir trees, ranging from our smallest at 5ft to our tallest at 9ft. We also have the stunning Norway Spruce, which come in various sizes ranging from 5ft to 7ft. As well as a quality range of cut trees, we’ll also have three styles of potted trees to choose from.


Mole Country Stores

All of our Mole Country Stores locations will have cut Nordmann Fir trees on sale again this year, ranging from 5ft to 8ft. Our potted trees make for a great solution if you have a smaller area to decorate, and this year we have three style for you to choose from; the Blue Spruce, Omorika and the classic Nordmann Fir.

Looking After Your Christmas Tree

With our trees on sale from 21st November 2020, we want to make sure you can enjoy your tree for as long as possible. Here’s some handy tips for making sure your tree is well cared for:


  • Water your tree regularly.
  • Keep your tree away from open flames and heat sources.
  • Stand your tree in a corner of the room if you can.
  • Use a tree skirt of stand to cover the floor where the tree will be standing.
  • Wear garden gloves when handling the tree as some trees can cause allergic reactions.

When buying your tree:

  1. Keep your tree outside in water for as long as possible before bringing it in to decorate. This will reduce the rate of needles dropping as you get closer to Christmas day.
  2. Use a handsaw to prepare the base of your tree. Cut about a half inch off the bottom to aid water absorption.
  3. Mount your tee as soon as possible after cutting the base.

Make It A Great Country Christmas