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Find your perfect Christmas tree

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UK grown & sustainably farmedUK grown & sustainably farmed

how to buy your christmas tree

1. Visit your local store and choose your perfect tree from the displays.

2. Note down the size or coding number of that tree, and head to a till point.

3. The cashier will take payment for the tree, you will be handed a token with a colour coding number.

4. Take that token to your store's tree collection point and hand it to the member of staff.

5. Your tree will be wrapped and we will even help you carry it to the car.

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Cut treesCut trees

looking after your cut tree

• Cut trees naturally lose needles, but these tips will help reduce the loss

• When home, keep your tree outside in a sheltered area, standing in water until ready to bring indoors

• Keep away from sources of heat

• When ready to bring the tree indoors, prepare the bottom of the tree base by cutting 5cm off to aid water absorption

• Use a Christmas tree stand that has a water storage container and fill it with water, replenishing it on a regular basis

Pot grown treesPot grown trees

looking after your pot grown tree

• When you arrive home, remove the netting and water the tree well

• If brought indoors, place it into a water-holding container

• Keep soil moist at all times

• Keep away from sources of heat

• Immediately after the festive period place outside and follow the instructions below

planting your pot grown tree

• Dig a hole twice the same depth as the pot and twice as wide

• Loosen the soil into the bottom of the hole

• Carefully remove the pot keeping the root ball intact and place it in the hole

• Backfill the hole with a 50:50 mix of soil and general-purpose compost

• Water generously in the first few years to establish