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Country MembershipCountry Membership

Country Membership

We’re improving our Country Membership to give you even greater flexibility in the way you spend.  

Instead of getting a 2% discount on all your purchases at the till or at moleonline.com, you will be able to earn points to collect and spend whenever you wish.

We will soon be launching Reward Points, meaning for every £1 spent in-store or online on qualifying purchases, you will earn 2 Reward Points. 1 point has the redeemable value of 1p, so, if you spend £1 you will have 2 pence worth of redeemable Reward Points, which is equivalent to a 2% discount. 

We will also be introducing special member bonuses on certain products so you can earn even more points. 

Reward Points can be redeemed at al time to suit you, for Christmas, special occasions or simply to treat yourself. Or to help you save on your rural purchases.

Your member points can quickly build up. Spend £20 and you earn 40 points, which will be ready to spend the very next day.

And you can easily check your points at the till or online with no restrictions on what, when or how many you decide to use.

From dog food to bird feeders, garden furniture to clothing, the more you spend, the more points you earn – and now you control when you spend them, on things you need and want.

Thank you for being a Country Member of Mole Valley Farmers. And please don’t forget, in addition to points, you also benefit from additional member exclusive offers, allowing you to save even more when you shop with us at your local Mole Valley Farmers, Mole Country Stores or moleonline.com.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve detailed below some frequently asked questions & answers which you may find useful regarding Country Membership. If these do not answer your queries, please contact our dedicated Membership Team on 01769 576234 or email [email protected] who will be happy to help. 

For full terms and conditions, click here.

How has the Country Membership scheme changed?
During July we are launching Reward Points, which means instead of getting a 2% discount on your purchases at the till or at moleonline.com, you will be able to earn Reward Points to collect and spend whenever you wish. We have also recently introduced member only pricing, where you will receive further exclusive savings on a range of products for a period of time. You will now also receive our flagship monthly Mole Valley Farmers newsletter, which features 40 pages of farming news and information, equine, pet and rural retail content, and of course some great offers and promotions, which replaces the previous bi-monthly Country and Farm Newsletter. You will continue to receive competitive heating and farm fuel pricing via our dedicated fuel team and vehicle discounts from Toyota, Ford and Ssangyong.
What are the Country Member Reward Points?
For every £1 spent you will earn 2 Reward Points. 1 point has the redeemable value of 1p. So, if you spend £1 they you will have 2 pence worth of redeemable points to spend from your next visit, which is equivalent to 2% discount. For example, If you spend £26.15 this equates to 52.30 Reward Points.
Are Reward Points rounded?
Only whole numbers of points can be redeemed, so if you have 52.30 Reward Points, 52p can be redeemed and .3 of a point will remain on your points balance.
What products are included in the Reward Points?
Reward Points are earned on purchases made through our retail stores (Mole Valley Farmers/Mole Country Stores/Mole Farm Direct) and moleonline.com. There are some exclusions, including fertiliser, gift cards and services (see the terms and conditions for full list).
Do I earn Reward Points on the price including or excluding VAT?
You earn Country Membership Reward Points on the amount spent including VAT (if VAT is applicable).
Can Reward Points be used for part payment of a purchase transaction?
Yes, just let the till operative know you would like to redeem your points against that transaction.
How can I view my Reward Points?
You can check your Reward Points balance in two ways: • By asking at the till. • Via your online account. You will need to have a registered online account to be able to view your points online.
How do I setup my online account?
If you haven’t already activated your online account, you can do it by resetting your password on the customer login page on moleonline.com.
How soon can I start collecting Reward Points after I join the scheme?
You will be able to start collecting Reward Points as soon as you join the scheme.
How are Reward Points applied to my Country Membership balance?
Reward Points earned in-store will be added to your points balance the following day, Reward Points earned on moleonline.com will be added to your points balance when your order has been dispatched.
How can I redeem my Reward Points?
If in store, you will need to ask to redeem your Reward Points. Online redeeming of Reward Points will be available in a few weeks.
Can I redeem my Reward Points on the same transaction they are earned on?
As the Reward Points update overnight, they cannot be redeemed on the same transaction they are earned on.
How long are Reward Points valid for?
Reward Points are valid for 18 months from the date of issue. Any Reward Points earned but not redeemed within this period will automatically expire.
What will happen to my Reward Points if I return a product, which accumulated Reward Points?
Reward Points that are issued on a product, which gets returned will be deducted from your points balance.
Can I bring a receipt back and claim Reward Points after I have made the purchase?
Unfortunately no, Reward Points are awarded on the transaction at the time.
Is there anything Reward Points cannot be redeemed on?
Reward Points cannot be redeemed against a credit account, gift cards, membership or special orders.
Can I transfer my Reward Points to another member?
No, Country Membership Reward Points are non-transferrable.
Can I redeem my Reward Points if my membership has lapsed?
No, you will need an active Country Membership to redeem Reward Points.
If I think my points balance is wrong, who do I contact?
Our membership team will be happy to help and can be contacted on email [email protected]