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Dairy Hygiene Guide

At Mole Valley Farmers we are committed to providing the best possible products and support for dairy farmers. With our vast experience in dairy inputs we have helped hundreds of farmers who have experienced stock health and hygiene issues on their dairy farms.

The Mole Valley Farmers’ Agricultural Specialists and/or Farm Sales Coordinators can work with you to not only deal with current problems, but also to prevent issues in the future, helping you to optimise your farm’s full potential and to improve both quality and yield of milk.

Good udder health and hygiene are essential to quality milk production. Our pre and post-teat disinfectant range provides you with excellent biocidal products to perfectly complement your milking routine. Based on two of the most effective antibacterial chemicals – iodine and chlorhexidine (provided by the trusted Deosan brand) we can offer reliable and cost-effective products tailored to suit individual farms and routines.

Residues left after milking consist of fats, proteins, minerals and water scale. All of which provide an environment for organisms to multiply and thrive, leading to high levels of bacteria in your milk and increasing the likelihood of mastitis in the herd.

High somatic cell count and bactoscan results can have a major impact on your milk cheque, not just in terms of lower payments and penalties but also lost production and poor animal health.

Our Agricultural Specialists and/or Farm Sales Coordinators can offer more technical advice and have access to the Deosan Farm Intelligence computer, thus allowing analysis of all aspects of dairy hygiene ensuring all quality payments are met using the most cost-effective regimes.

We approach every farm as an individual and we help you to decide what products are most suited to your routine and how to plan for your dairy hygiene management.

“ ...The savings are very significant. I still benchmark to check Mole Valley Farmers are sharp, but no one can touch them.”

Simon Banfield - Dorset Farmer

“ We’ve never had as good a somatic cell count as we’ve had this year...It could be down to a number of things. I think thoroughness in all procedures is what counts”

Rob Taverner - Devon Farmer

Download the latest advice and guidance in our dairy hygiene guide that covers a range of topics and areas to provide you the best options to ensure best dairy hygiene practice.

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