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Farmer Shareholder

Your past, your present, your future. Your business.Your past, your present, your future. Your business.

We are delighted to have returned almost £300,000 to our Farmer Shareholders through our loyalty bonus scheme for the financial year 1st October 2022 - 30th September 2023.

Since we were first founded in 1960, Mole Valley Farmers has existed for the greater good of its Farmer Shareholders, ensuring we maintain a strong sense of purpose to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability on farm.

Key benefits to becoming a Farmer Shareholder:

  Access our loyalty bonus

  3% discount on retail purchases

  Regular newsletter

  Voting at our AGM

  Credit facility and much more


Mole Valley Farmers has demonstrated its commitment to UK Agriculture through investment in animal feed manufacturing, fertiliser blending, a network of agricultural retail stores and the staff of the business who aim to provide industry leading knowledge and expertise every day.

Becoming a Farmer Shareholder offers a range of commercial benefits, which now includes our loyalty bonus, an initiative designed solely with your farm business in mind and one which delivers even more membership value.

As well as this, as a Farmer Shareholder you will be a part of something bigger, something that supports UK Agriculture and ultimately delivers real commercial value to your business. All of this can be yours for a one-off payment of £450.

Join us today and be part of a stronger future for farming.


Farmer Shareholder loyalty bonus

As a Farmer Shareholder, when you purchase essential agricultural inputs you benefit from a loyalty bonus.

For products such as compound feeds, blended feeds, minerals and fertiliser you will automatically receive a loyalty bonus, paid in vouchers, each year in November. This has been designed to support and benefit farmers who continue to support their farmer owned cooperative.

Points per tonne

The bonus is calculated through the accrual of points per tonne:

Compound Feed 4 points
Blended Feed 2 points
Manufactured Minerals 8 points
Fertiliser 1 point
Selected Milk Powders 10 points

New for 2023

Farmer Shareholder customers will now receive points on selected milk powers and total crop performance products:

Selected Milk Powders 10 points
Total Bale Plus Wrap 1700m 4 points
Total Performance HD Netwrap 4000m 20 points

Loyalty bonus example

For example, a Farmer Shareholder with 200 dairy cows could accrue*:

1,200 points on compound feed



420 points on blended feed



40 points on minerals



40 points on fertiliser



TOTAL £850

loyalty bonus at year end

*For the financial year 2022/23 we are committing to a points value of 50p per point which will be reviewed on an annual basis. All loyalty bonuses paid in the form of Mole vouchers that can be redeemed in any of our retail stores or at moleonline.com and you will have 12 months to redeem them.
For illustrative purposes only.

"As a farmer owned business, we rely on the commitment from
our members to enable us to drive better deals in the market, to invest in British Agriculture and use our scale to
support the rural community."

Jack Cordery, CEO, Mole Valley Farmers



Farmer Shareholder Benefits

As a Farmer Shareholder, you are entitled to a wide range of commercial benefits:

Earn points on your agricultural inputs

As a Farmer Shareholder, when you buy essential agricultural inputs from us, you’ll automatically benefit from the Farmer Shareholder loyalty bonus. For selected products you purchase from a range of principal farming categories - compound feeds, blended feeds, minerals, and fertiliser - you will accrue volume-based points during the trading year from October through to September. The points will be aggregated over this 12-month period, and in November we’ll issue vouchers for you to spend.

It’s simple, the more you spend, the more points you can earn. And we’re making things more flexible as your vouchers can be used at any of our stores or online at www.moleonline.com and you’ll have 12 months to redeem them.

3% discount instore and online

Farmer Shareholders receive a 3% retail discount on cash, credit and debit card purchases made in our stores or online at moleonline.com. We’ll show you how much you’ve saved with us on each purchase and provide you with an annual total so you can clearly see the value your Farmer Shareholder membership is providing. 

Credit facility

Being a Farmer Shareholder gives you access to a credit facility to help with your farm’s
cashflow. This facility is subject to credit checks and approval.

Exclusive, seasonal offers

As a Farmer Shareholder you’ll be able to access exclusive pricing on essential seasonal inputs with discount opportunities and enhanced offers, free subscriptions and so much more. We will contact you throughout the year to update you on your exclusive seasonal member only offers. 

Bonus point promotions

Throughout the year you’ll have the opportunity to earn more with our bonus point promotions on exclusive products, services, and events. We’ll ensure you’re kept informed so you can take advantage of these high value point promotions as soon as they go live.

VIP events

We hold VIP events throughout the year, which bring together exclusive shopping opportunities alongside hospitality and the chance to meet with friends and family from your local farming community at our stores.


Access exclusive webinars

Access to free and exclusive member webinars which ensure you’re kept up to date with the latest industry leading information and advice within our sector. Topics include regular educational webinars on farming and other informative talks featuring speakers who are leaders in their industries, on subject matters we know are important to you. 

Receive regular newsletters

Our newsletters are full of agricultural content including seasonal farming innovation, technical know-how, new products and farm management topics, as well as regular offers and promotions.

AGM voting rights

Your voice is important to us, so as a Farmer Shareholder you are invited to attend our AGM where you can vote on important Company matters and have your voice heard. We welcome your attendance every year. 

Farmer Shareholder Testimonials

Hear how existing Farmer Shareholders are benefitting from their membership and the commercial value it provides their farm business.

"The introduction of the loyalty bonus will definitely benefit me, it's a no brainer because points make prizes, and this encourages me to buy more from Mole Valley Farmers."

James Kittow

Farmer Shareholder for 9 years

"Becoming a Farmer Shareholder will open up massive opportunities for us in terms of networking between farmers and also provides access to experts in feed, nutrition and grass."

Andrew Taylor

Dairy Farmer, Lochhill

"We are there from day one. We have lots of experience within Mole Valley Farmers to hold the hand of a farmer throughout their farming calendar."

Rachael Benney

Business Development Manager, West Cornwall

"It's been very easy dealing with the Mole team. We do quite a bit of business with Mole on the feed side so it would seem sensible to sign up to become a Farmer Shareholder."

Jim Watson

Dairy Farmer, Ayrshire


We’ve detailed below some frequently asked questions & answers which you may find useful regarding Farmer Shareholder membership. If these do not answer your queries, please contact our dedicated Membership Team on 01769 576234 who will be happy to help. 

What benefits are there to becoming a Farmer Shareholder?

As a Farmer Shareholder you benefit from a loyalty bonus when you purchase key Agricultural inputs from Mole Valley Farmers or Mole Country Stores. In addition you get:

  • An exclusive 3% cash discount on purchases made in store or at moleonline.com
  • A credit facility subject to approval to support your farm's cash flow
  • Our regular agricultural newsletter
  • Voting rights at our AGM
  • Exclusive Farmer Shareholder offers throughout the year
  • Access to specialist webinars and technical forums
Is the Farmer Shareholder scheme running nationally?
Yes, you can become a Farmer Shareholder anywhere in the United Kingdom.
Do I have access to Feed Solutions and Forage Services?
Yes. Feed Solutions focuses on specialist feed, offering technical support and advice such as nutritional assistance to those buying Mole Valley Farmers feedstuffs. Forage Services offers industry leading technical advice, soil sampling, nutrient planning and a wide range of conventional and enhanced products. As a Farmer Shareholder you'll have access to both.
What products will accrue points?
Initially points will accrue for purchases of Feed, Fertiliser and Minerals. Throughout the year we'll be offering special promotions and events to earn more points. If you have any queries please contact your sales representative, or email [email protected]
Do I get points in Mole Country Stores and Mole Valley Farmers equally?
Yes, points will accrue on qualifying agricultural products purchased from Mole Valley Farmers or Mole Country Stores. You will also receive points on qualifying purchases from Mole Feed Solutions and Three Counties Feed.
Where can I spend my points?
Points will convert to a loyalty bonus voucher that can be redeemed at any Mole Valley Farmers or Mole Country Stores and online at Moleonline.com
Do I get points when I shop online, instore or order over the phone?
Yes, points will accrue on qualifying Agricultural products purchased from all of these areas.
What happens if I order part of a tonne of Feed?
Points are accrued pro-rata to the exact volume and aggregated over the 12 month period.
When do I start collecting points?
The ability for you to starts accruing points starts immediately that you become a Farmer Shareholder. The scheme runs in line with our Financial Year which is from 1st October to 30th September and vouchers will be issued in the following November.
I've got more questions, who should I ask?
Please contact our Membership team on 01769 576 234 or email [email protected]

Full loyalty bonus terms and conditions can be found here.

Reap the rewards of membership!

Become a Farmer Shareholder today and see how its benefits can add real commercial value to your farm business. 



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