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Here at Mole Valley Forage Services we understand the importance of a nutrient system that is balanced and fit for purpose.

"Soil analysis allows farmers to tailor their fertiliser requirements to meet plant needs and so optimise yield whilst minimising environmental risk" NRM 2021

To ensure our customers get the best possible results from their investments, Mole Valley Forage Services have teamed up with both NRM and Landcrop Laboratories. These two companies provide industry leading chemical analysis, which covers a broad range of sampling across the nutrient system. 

Our agronomists and FACTS qualified sales team are on hand to provide professional advice on the full range of chemical analysis. Not only will this provide you with a more precise nutrient plan, it will also ensure that you are only applying exactly the right amount of investment necessary to reach the desired result.

It's important to us that our customers understand the benefits of an accurate nutrient management plan. So why not take action today.

Sample types available

Soil analysis

Hay-Haylage analysis

Slurry-Manures analysis

To book a testing kit or to arrange an appointment, call: 01769 576272

For more information on how you can better manage your nutrient system, call one of our FACTS qualified advisors: 01769 576405

Contact the Forage Team T: 01769 576405 | E: [email protected]