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History of Mole Valley Farmers

In 1960 a small group of North Devon farmers came together to create a new farmer buying group, as fundamentally they were disillusioned with paying over the odds for general agricultural products and discriminating pricing practices. They wanted an organisation that provided real value and could openly help members improve productivity and profitability. Reassuringly, these founding objectives are still at the heart of what we do today, nearly 60 years on.

Over this time we have grown to become one of the country’s leading agricultural supply businesses offering a complete suite of in-store, on-farm and on-line services, inspired by our passion for the UK’s agricultural industry and wider rural community. We believe in helping maintain and grow a diverse and sustainable farming community.

For everyone who works for one of Mole Valley Farmers’ businesses – just like our customers who live and work in it – the countryside is a way of life.