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Log Pallets & Bundles

At Mole Valley Farmers, we stock a wide variety of heating fuel pallets for a number of applications. Whether you need dried kiln logs or briquettes, we stock pallets for a range of indoor and outdoor uses. With dried kiln logs having a moisture content of 20% or less, our quality pallets are available in a range of sizes to provide many hours of heat for longer periods of time. 

Shop online today to get the best prices guaranteed, delivered directly to you to ensure that you never run out. For more information on heating fuels, take a look at our fuel solution advice & guides.

Log Pallets & Bundles

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1. What are briquettes used for?

Briquettes can either be a compressed block of coal dust or other combustible material which can be used as heating fuel or starting a fire. 

2. Are kiln dried logs worth it?

Kiln dried logs offer a higher heat output compared to other logs, and they won't damage to your stove or flue, making them extremely worthwhile. 

3. How many logs are on a pallet?

On average, there are approximately 300 logs per cubic metre pallet.