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Farmer Shareholder Points

1. General terms and conditions

  • Annual review - The terms and conditions of the FSH reward points scheme will be subject to annual review and confirmation.  MVF reserves the right to withdraw the scheme at any point in time.  At the point of withdrawal, MVF will communicate the status of any points accumulated up to the date of withdrawal.
  • Legal entities and trading divisions - The scheme operates across Mole Valley Farmers, Mole Valley Forage Services, Mole Valley Feed Solutions and Three Counties Feeds.  
  • Eligibility - The scheme is available to all Farmer Shareholders.  The scheme can only be used in conjunction with a valid account, identified with the Farmer Shareholder.  
  • Own use - Points can only be accrued in respect of purchases made for “own use”.  Purchases made on a commercial basis, for example as a wholesaler for onward sale to another customer or similar entity will not qualify for points accrual.
  • Group/Trade - Purchases made within a group trading agreement will not qualify for points accrual.
  • Non transferrable - Points may not be transferred to another Farmer Shareholder.

2. Qualifying products

  • List of products - Details as to qualifying product categories and the rate of points accrual are as follows (per tonne; by quantity, or value) are available on request.  Please contact your sales representative or call the membership team on 01769 576234.
  • Time period - Points will accrue during the MVF Financial Year, which runs from October through to the following September.
  • Promotions - MVF reserves the right to offer promotional / additional opportunities to accrue additional points.  The details of such opportunities, which will typically be time restricted, will be communicated via email to farmer shareholders.

3. Valuation of points

  • Value per point - The value per point will be assessed at the end of the financial year and will be dependent on the performance of the group in relation to its budget expectations and future business plans.  For the financial year ending September 2022, MVF has committed that a point will be redeemed at a value of 50p.

4. Accrual of points

  • Payment of invoices - Points accrued on qualifying products will be confirmed on payment of the associated sales invoice by the due date indicated.
  • Credit notes and returns - Points accrued on qualifying products will be reversed in the event that a credit note is raised against those products. So, if an item is returned, points will not accrue.
  • Point tariff - The following tariff will apply to each qualifying tonne: 
        • 4 points for compound feed
        • 2 points for  blended feed
        • 8 points for manufactured minerals
        • 1 point for manufactured fertiliser

                                    The tariff will be reviewed on an annual basis. 

  • Part tonne orders - Points are accrued pro rata to the exact volume on part tonne orders rounded down to 2 decimal points.
  • End of year - At the end of each financial year, all accumulated points are frozen in advance of the issuance of the relevant reward vouchers.  There is no “roll over” of accrued points between years.  Each year is assessed separately.

5. Bonus points for Direct Debit

  • A farmer shareholder will accrue bonus points if they agree to payment by Direct Debit.  The current Direct Debit bonus is 100 points and may be reviewed in the future.  Farmer Shareholders already on Direct Debit in September 2021 will qualify for the 100 bonus points.  Bonus points accrued will be reversed in the event that the Direct Debit mandate is revoked.  Bonus points for Direct Debit can only be accrued once.

6. Vouchers

  • Issuance - Reward Vouchers will be issued in the November following the end of the financial year.  For example, vouchers for accrued and confirmed points during the financial year October 2021 to September 2022, will be issued in November 2022.
  • Paper vouchers - MVF reserves the right to issue vouchers in paper or electronic (gift card) form.  MVF reserves the right to issue vouchers in a range of denominations.
  • Own use - Vouchers are provided to Farmer Shareholders for their own use in the MVF Retail estate.  Vouchers are not transferrable.
  • Validity - Vouchers have a 12 month expiry date.  For example, vouchers issued in November 2022 will be valid until the end of November 2023.
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