balancing nutrients for your beef herd

Balancing unique nutrients for efficient growth in Beef

Dr Matt Witt, Ruminant Nutritionist

Understanding the impact of specific nutrients on growth rates is at the heart of a new beef rationing approach from Mole Valley Farmers.

Precision Nutrition Beef draws on a range of unique nutrients analysed through the company’s existing rationing programme. By delving into these nutrients in detail, the aim is to help beef farmers improve performance efficiencies and, ultimately margins, says Nutritionist Dr Matt Witt.

“Feed is approximately 75% of a farm’s variable costs. If you get it wrong, it’s costing you a lot of money,” he says. “At present, beef rationing software is limited as it only looks at total energy supply, rather than how that energy is broken down. We need to establish how that energy is delivered by looking at a number of unique nutrients. By understanding the impact of these key nutrients on growth rates, we can then design diets to match a farm’s specific growth rate targets and reduce the cost per kilo of gain for that farmer.”

For more informaton, please contact your local Nutritionist or call the Feed Line on 01278 444829. Alternatively, email [email protected]