Blends for feeding cattle

Beef blends provide flexibility control and improved performance

Blends can provide a convenient, cost-effective feed solution for beef farmers looking to improve feed efficiencies and margins.

Dr Matt Witt, Technical Manager

Controlling feed costs on any beef unit is essential as feed is by far the biggest variable expense. The cost of feeding can vary from anywhere between 90 pence per kg liveweight gain up to 150. Considering a typical beef market value of 180 pence per kg liveweight, trying to get closer to the 90 pence feed cost will have huge impacts on profitability.

In most cases, it will be necessary to supplement home-grown forages with purchased feed to meet growth rate targets. With that in mind, it’s important to choose the most cost-effective option. Blends are one such option and can bring a host of advantages on farm (see table).

Mole Valley Farmers can help you reduce your feed costs. Using Mole Valley Farmers’ Precision Nutrition Beef rationing software, the team can help farmers produce rations designed to maximise the use of home-grown forages. Costs can also be reduced by supplementing cattle with a blend designed to meet specific farm requirements.

In addition, our market experts can help farmers decide when to buy purchased feed. The cost of raw materials can change drastically, sometimes bringing unwanted surprises in farm prices; particularly when buying spot. Buying blends forward allows farmers to take advantage of cheaper prices in future months. For example, it may be beneficial to buy winter blend requirements during the summer. This then protects the business from any price rises when the blend is required and delivered during the winter.

For further information, please call the Feed and Nutritionists Line on 01278 444829.

why blends are a good option for beef cattlewhy blends are a good option for beef cattle
why blends are a good option for beef cattle