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British Farming Needs You!

As we enter a new year, many are aware of the increased emphasis on reducing meat and dairy messages on screens, newspapers and online.

Ensuring consumers can make informed choices about the food they eat is more important than ever.

That’s the aim of AHDB’s innovative marketing campaign ‘We Eat Balanced’ which is highlighting the role UK meat and dairy play in a balanced and sustainable diet.

Launched two years ago, the campaign delivers the clear message our meat and dairy are a natural source of vitamin B12, produced to world-class standards and among the most sustainable in the world.

And now the AHDB is asking for our members to help spread the message across social media with their personal stories of working to feed the nation.

Aimed at consumers who might be considering reducing their meat and dairy consumption, it gives farmers a platform and a voice to present the facts about food and farming from the UK.

Promotion across social media throughout the year was enhanced with newspaper advertising, on demand TV and in most major supermarkets during September and October.

The activity ramps up again this month and next and, from Boxing Day, a television advert will be on our screens, featuring an inquisitive young girl called Nancy asking her grandad questions on how meat and dairy produced in the UK gets its ‘goodness.’

The last burst of activity in early 2021 was seen by nearly 24 million UK households and a staggering 90 per cent of consumers said the TV advert communicated that meat and dairy is part of a balanced diet.

After seeing the campaign, consumers intending to buy meat on their next shop rose five percent to 77% among the 34 to 49 age group, while dairy saw a six percent increase to 84% among 16 to 34 year olds.

AHDB Director of Marketing Liam Byrne said: “The campaign has played an important part in helping counteract the sensationalist headlines by helping to position the positive role that red meat and dairy from Britain can play as part of a healthy and sustainable diet.

“It’s also great to see how well the campaign has landed with young people, who are typically very engaged in issues of ethics, health and the environment.”

Consumer perceptions that meat and dairy from Britain is produced sustainably also grew significantly - up five and eight percent to 41% and 51% respectively.

The We Eat Balanced campaign also drove significant rises in attitudes around health, with the number of consumers seeing meat and dairy as a source of vitamin B12 rising five and four percent to 30% and 34% respectively.

Farmers have been helping to tell the positive story about British farming on social media. Now, the AHDB needs more of you to get involved to help provide reassurance about Britain’s world class production standards and our sustainability.

You can apply to feature in their social media activity to show the care and attention you take when running your farm and raising livestock.

To be considered, simply record a short video clip of no more than 60 seconds, which showcases the production standards on your farm and how you’re contributing to sustainable farming. Then send it to the AHDB via direct message on Twitter or Facebook along with your details. If you’re selected, you’ll need to be available for the AHDB to visit your farm and be happy to be filmed or photographed.

You’ll be playing a key part in this important campaign to promote a healthy balanced diet.