Coylton Mill – increased production and meeting the needs of farmers

Coylton Mill – increased production and meeting the needs of farmers

Coylton Mill in Ayrshire is one of Mole Valley Farmers’ four ruminant feed mills and has enjoyed a record breaking winter period with manufactured feed volumes up 17% over the prior year period.

The peak week in the season saw the Coylton team manufacture in excess of 700 tonnes of feed on three consecutive days whilst maintaining excellent product quality complemented by first class service levels.

The mill has recently benefited from an upgraded control room and the increased production capacity has been coupled with a fresh and dynamic team of nutritionists covering the north of England and southern Scotland area. 

Mike Phillips, Head of Agricultural Sales (North) comments: “We are benefitting from excellent product quality combined with first class levels of service.  We have consistent production of quality products whilst the team have done a great job engaging with our farmers in challenging circumstances as a result of Covid-19.

“With Mole Valley’s continued commitment to innovation, service and working with our customers to help meet their individual farm requirements, we are well placed to help our customers with the right rations and feeds for their businesses and supporting them and the wider sector to meet the challenges to reduce carbon emissions.”

For further information contact our Feed and Nutritionists Line on 01260 279539 (North) / 01278 444829 (South) or [email protected]