Richard Isgar with his Flockmaster 250

Flockmaster 250 testimonial

Richard Igsar, who farms near Cheddar in somerset, has been using the Flockmaster 250 for his small flock of 25 sheep. 

He said: “I use the Flockmaster multiple times throughout the year whilst drenching, vaccinating and applying fly strike treatment to ewes and lambs.

“Having easy access over the top of the system makes work much more efficient. Working with livestock has it’s challenges and having the right equipment improves the safety for both livestock and farmer.”

Buying the Flockmaster 250 is part of Mr Igsar’s plan to “buy and grow”. 

But buy and grow isn’t always as easy as it sounds – farm equipment can be expensive and can be a barrier for new entrants into the farming industry such as Mr Igsar.

He obtained the Flockmaster 250 through the FETF grant programme, with help from Mole Valley Farmers. 

He said: “Jade from Mole Valley Farmers was very helpful with the grant application. She made things clear and easy and helped with some of the finer details like locating serial numbers.”

And now Mr Igsar is putting his plan to buy and grow into action. He said: “I have recently purchased my first farm holding in Wales so the equipment will have more use over the coming months as stock levels are increased.”