boost the profitability of your herd

Improve your margin over purchased feed

Improve The Profitability of Your Herd

Farmers can significantly improve their profits by making small improvements to their Margin Over Purchased Feed (MOPF) by working with Mole Valley Farmers, recent data has shown.


According to Kingshay’s 2020 costings data, farmers working with Mole Valley Farmers had better MOPF results compared to the national average (see table below). While this is not a complete measure of profitability and viability, because purchased feed costs are one of the biggest costs on dairy farms, a higher MOPF generally leads to higher farm profitability.


In fact, improving MOPF by just 50 pence per cow over a cow’s 300-day lactation, while maintaining all other costs has the potential to increase farm profits by £30,000 in a 200 cow herd.


For more information on how Mole Valley Farmers can help your MOPF, please contact the Feed Line on 01278 444829.