Ram in tupping harness

Successful lambing starts at tupping

Lambing might seem a long way off, but taking key steps up to and during tupping can lead to a less stressful and more productive spring.

A healthy lambing percentage sets the profitability for the season so optimising management as the rams go to work is the crucial foundation for a successful year.

Effective and reliable marking lets you know which ewes have been tupped, by which ram and when. Barren ewes can be identified, saving winter feed costs and ewes can be grouped by expected due dates.

Tight grouping at lambing time can save labour and stress which leads to improved lamb survival at lower cost. Using a range

of coloured crayons, changed regularly also allows you to spot underperforming rams.

To maximise the benefits of marking you need a good well-fitting harness and a range of clear colours. As the ram works it is important to regularly check the fit and readjust.

An alternative to harnesses and crayons is the use of raddle powders, starting with the lightest colour first, before switching to darker colours throughout the season.

Equally important are trace element and correct vitamin levels. Molecare Liquiflow is a high quality, easy to administer, liquid drench specifically designed for both sheep and lambs at key stages in the production cycle.

Containing the full complement of key nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals, Molecare Liquiflow supports fertility and foetal growth in ewes whilst also promoting general health, sperm production and survival in rams.