sheep in field

Summertime with Mole-LYX

Tupping preparation

As we proceed through the summer months, it becomes critical to focus on the nutritional requirements of breeding ewes and rams before tupping. These animals will be under pressure to produce future healthy and profitable offspring.

By offering key minerals, vitamins and trace elements within the highly palatable Mole-LYX Feet & Fertility Mineral Buckets, we aim to maximise ewe and ram health and consequently boost embryo survival rates.

Maximising condition after weaning

Reduced grass growth during April and May is likely to have caused stress for ewes and lambs whilst grazing. Ensuring both store lambs and breeding ewes carry adequate condition through the coming months is vital for flock productivity.

Mole-LYX Extra Energy Elite Feed Buckets and Blocks will ensure that additional protein and energy is available whilst grazing pastures.

Once lambs are weaned at 12-14 weeks old, breeding ewes will need to achieve a body condition score (BCS) of between 2.5 at weaning and 3.5 prior to tupping. Studies show it takes 6-8 weeks for one BCS to be achieved on unrestricted grass. Poor BCS can result in barren ewes and poor scanning rates. Mole-LYX Extra Energy Elite Feed Buckets and Blocks help to supplement thinner ewes both during and after weaning, with the aim to maximise their condition.

From eight weeks old, lambs obtain more energy from grass than their mother’s milk. Therefore, reduced grass growth can reduce the young lamb’s daily liveweight gain going forward.

Offering Mole-LYX Extra Energy Elite Feed Buckets or Blocks can provide a stable energy and protein intake and can help the lamb to maintain its condition from weaning to finishing.