Support your cow with the AHV Booster range

The role of energy and the impact of
stressful periods

The energy level of dairy cows directly influences their health status. Changes during the animal’s yearly cycle play a major role, often resulting in a decrease in feed intake and thus in energy supply and their ability to fight health challenges.
Changes are perceived as periods of stress, and they can be more or less numerous depending on the farming practices.
One of the most stressful periods for the cow is the transition period from three weeks before calving to three weeks after calving. The transition period includes many stress moments that can affect the cow, including changes in feed, calving, grouping of animals and the start of lactation.

Energy and the transition period

During the dry period, the metabolic need of a cow is lower. This is because she is laying down more and is less active, resulting in a lower demand for energy. The amount of dry matter intake gradually decreases with demand and due to the increased space, the calf is taking up.
As calving approaches, a cow’s appetite increases more slowly than her energy demand, which can cause a gap between her energy requirements and intake. Therefore, the start of lactation can be synonymous with an energy dip, which often appears 14 days after calving.

To find the energy needed for optimal functioning including metabolism, milk production and muscle contraction at calving, a cow will often start to use her body reserves and mobilise fat.

AHV Booster range

The AHV Booster range has been used on local dairy farms and is specifically designed with energy and metabolism in mind.
The benefits of using the AHV Booster range includes:
• Supports your animal’s natural resistance and energy balance
• Optimises productivity, reproduction and longevity
• Leads to cost-savings and fewer financial losses
• Improves the well-being of your cow
• Improves labour convenience for the dairy farmer.

The AHV Booster Drench is a powder that is mixed with lukewarm water and drenched or pumped into the cow at a time of low energy. The product contains electrolytes that help to kickstart the rumen, as well as plant root extracts that support appetite and help mop up fat breakdown. It can be given before or after calving or during any period that a cow needs a hydration boost.
Cows with lower feed intake, do not get enough energy and protein to meet their demands. To compensate for the protein deficit, the cow breaks down muscle mass, resulting in higher urea levels in the milk. The cow compensates for the energy deficit by breaking down body fat and increasing the ketone levels in the blood. This process is detrimental to the cow as production and fertility can be negatively affected, and fatty liver can occur. Something you do not want to see as a dairy farmer!
The AHV Booster Tablet will compensate for the energy deficit by activating the cow’s metabolism (liver and rumen). At Molecare Veterinary Services, we have been using it to support sick cows in the transition period and have been getting great feedback on how the cows are picking up quickly and returning to milk.

If you would like to know more about the AHV Booster range,
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