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The importance of pre-calving nutrition

As spring calving approaches, now is the time to pay some extra attention to pre-calving nutrition to ensure that pregnant cows obtain the correct levels of trace elements and nutrients to ensure healthy calves are born with ease.

January 2023

Why our nutritionists lead the field

A team of our nutritionists recently returned from a visit to the Netherlands on a fact-finding mission to milk replacer specialists, Nukamel. 

January 2024

Join us for our new Farmer Expo

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new event for our shareholders, members and farming customers.

December 2023

Jack Cordery and Minette Batters at the opening of the Lifton Mill upgrade

NFU President opens £4m upgrade of our Lifton Feed Mill

We were delighted to welcome President of the National Farmers Union Minette Batters to open our newly upgraded Lifton Feed Mill following a £4m investment

June 2023

cows in shed eating silage

Dietary changes to reduce heat stress losses in dairy cows

Having a plan in place to adjust rations as temperatures spike can offset production losses associated with heat stress this summer

June 2023

black and white cows in a shed eating hay

Better dry cow nutrition to improve milk profits

Each stage of the dairy cow cycle affects the others. For example, over feeding stale cows is costly and is likely to cause numerous problems through the dry period and into the next lactation June 2023

Feed lorry on the road

Using Collaborative Power to Secure the Best Feed Prices for Your Farm

We are working hard to ensure our Farmer Shareholders, members, and customers receive the most competitive price on their livestock feed and receive the best nutritional advice as we head into summer.

May 2023

calf being fed milk replacer

Giving your calves the best possible start

The calves born today are your future dairy herd so any decisions made now will impact on your business and bottom line

May 2023

Combine and tractor collecting silage

Making better quality grass silage

Making enough quality silage does not happen by accident. It takes considerable planning, investment and good management over many years.

April 2023

Puppy lying next to dog food bowl

What’s in your dog’s food?

Your dog’s food is one of the most important factors in their life.Your dog gets everything their body needs, from the energy needed to keep them active, to the incredible array of nutrients that form every tissue and keep every cellular process going through their diet.

March 2023