Timber - proven in the field

Our Shield timber products have the seal of approval from our farmers and fencing contractors but don’t just take our word for it.

The Shield posts we use, manufactured by M&M Timber, are incised to ensure consistent and improved penetration of wood preservative for ultimate protection from decay. The incising is essential in spruce to ensure full sapwood penetration.

Midlands-based fencing contractor Callum Jackson, of CJ Fencing, has been a loyal user since 2013 and said it allowed him to “future-proof” his business.

Mr Jackson, who provides fencing agricultural solutions to a wide range of clients nationwide, said: “I’d heard from other fencing contractors who were installing fences which were rotting within two to three years.

“With an expanding business and client base, I needed to source reliable, consistently treated pressure-treated fence posts in bulk orders to make sure no rot problems would creep into the business in future years.

“As an added benefit the core range is always in stock and available, meaning even on the shortest notice I can get the products I need.”

Once the Shield stakes are machined rounded and incised they are given a four way anti-twist point. Stakes are then tagged with a stainless steel nail with a coded date stamp. This provides full traceability and quality control.

Before kiln drying all the timbers are ‘sticked’ meaning small strips of wood are placed between the stakes to ensure even airflow and drying. Once in the kiln they will remain there until they have reached 40% moisture for spruce and 30% for pine.

Finally they are also loaded into pressure treatment vessels while wood preservative is forced under high pressure into the sapwood. The whole process and our confidence in it allows Mole Valley to provide our unique 15 year Warranty ¹.

Our market leading Shield 15 Year Warranty is the only one where you can reclaim the cost of reinstallation as well as the product. As a farmer owned cooperative we are aware the most expensive part of putting up a new fence is often the labour and such is our confidence in the process at M&M we are happy to provide this cover².

The warranty operates on a sliding scale allowing you complete confidence for the entire product lifespan.

  • Up to 1 year; Product: 100%, Reinstallation: 100%
  • 5 years; Product: 100%, Reinstallation: 66.67%
  • 10 years; Product: 100%, Reinstallation: 33.33%
  • 14 years 11 months; Product: 100%, Reinstallation: 6.67%

Fraser Hall, M&M Timber Managing Director, said: “Confidence in timber treated for in-ground use is paramount to our business ethos and is at the heart of every investment decision made.

“Whether its kiln-dried pine or kiln dried incised spruce, we are now proving pressure treated timber is still the most versatile and cost effective product of choice for agricultural fencing”.

¹Warranty begins on date of purchase

²All warranties must be registered within 60 days of purchase