Top tips for correct application of blowfly preventative products

Top tips for correct application of blowfly preventative products

Farmers can help prevent blowfly strike in sheep by applying an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) early in the season.

IGRs are a targeted, narrow-spectrum product for preventing blowfly strike, making them the gold standard in blowfly prevention. They work by preventing the first wave of flies from breeding, thus reducing fly numbers for the rest of the season.

The CLiK™ brands are the only IGRs containing FleeceBind™ technology, which provides full fleece protection. It helps spread the formulation from the tip to the base of the fleece and binds it strongly in place, sticking it to the wool*.

The table below provides some suggested treatments and should be used as a guidance only as individual farm needs will vary. The duration of cover depends on the correct application.

Here are some top tips when using the CLiKTM brands:

  1. Use the correct applicator pour-on gun with the correct fan- spray nozzle and ensure it is clean and in good working order. Always calibrate the applicator gun to check it is delivering the correct dose
  2. Weigh the sheep and treat to the heaviest in the group. When there is a large variation in weight, split the group to avoid underdosing
  3. When possible, treat the sheep in a pen, not a race. The pen should be approximately three-quarters full of sheep allowing room for both the you and the sheep to move around
  4. Aim to achieve a spray width of approximately 10-15cm on the sheep. This is best done by holding the applicator gun about 45cm away from the sheep during application
  5. Always ensure the fleece is not soiled. If it is, dag before application. When sheep become dirty after application, dag and then reapply the product around the area where you have removed the fleece
  6. Do not apply during heavy rainfall or when such conditions are expected. The resulting washout may reduce the protection period
  7. After application care should be taken to avoid the product being rubbed off. It is best to leave the application of CLiK™ brands until after all other routine work is complete
  8. Sheep with lameness or a dirty fleece may still suffer flystrike; this should be treated with a suitable product such as Crovect™. Find out more at

By following these recommendations, you will ensure the best application results.

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For more information, please speak to your local instore Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA).