Round timber stakes in a bundle

Why its never been more important to consider your fencing needs

The procurement of fencing timber has never been more challenging says Ian Hedden, Product Manager, but on the other hand, it is a time of great excitement as we look to bring new products to the market.

Firstly, we are battling with the supply of European Pine for our UC4 3-4 stakes. The supply of these products is predominantly sourced through Belarus, however, as they have sided with the Russians in terms of their invasion of Ukraine, the supply of fencing redwood products has pretty much stopped overnight.

Our homegrown strategy with Shield - 15 Year Warranty products, remains a hugely successful range, and our unique ‘contribution to cost of reinstallation in respect of failure’ still is high on the agenda for many customers making a commitment to purchase. Our challenges are within the market position for the home-grown spruce. The raw material used in Shield is in high demand by the biomass industry due to the volume of raw spruce wood they need to burn to create power. We work hard to ensure consistent supply and compete against others to keep our product prices competitive.

The world of 40-year creosoted products is one that has been challenged for several years with the banning of creosote treatment across many nations across Europe. The UK is due to follow suit, with the Health and Safety Executive hinting towards this happening by end of 2023. We are working hard to ensure that we have access to the product prior to the  ban coming into effect, and also to ensure we have a credible range of the 40-year treated products, and alternative ranges in both steel and plastic, with more information to follow on this in the coming months.

As we head into the busy spring period, there has never been a more important time to consider early commitments for your fencing needs and we have managed to secure a number of loads of 5'6” & 6" redwood products as well as securing early committed loads for European half round rails too. 

In addition to this, once again through early commitments, we have secured additional loads of creosoted 1650 x 90mm (5’6" x 3.5”), which carry a 40 year life and we are keen to invite you to take advantage of these early offers, while stocks last.

To complete the offering, Estate HT 8/80/30 stock fence @ £90p per meter is available at a great price too and is available in 100, 300 & 500m rolls.

Contact your local Mole Valley Farmers or Mole Country Stores to place your order now.