Winter feeding critical to lambing returns

Winter feeding critical to lambing returns

The impacts of the wet winter and drought ridden spring of 2020 could well stretch through into 2021’s lamb crop with many producers at risk of missing out on up to £60 per lamb when winter feeding is not addressed appropriately.

As tupping is completed and ewes are safely in lamb then the focus should not just be on pre-lambing, but also winter feeding of ewes to support them through the equally important ‘mid-pregnancy’ period.

Ewe body condition impacts directly on tupping success, so ensuring adequate supplies of energy and protein, plus minerals and vitamins, is crucial to ensure ewe condition is on target to achieve better returns from the production of strong and healthy lambs next year.

Inadequate nutrition in early/mid-pregnancy cannot be compensated for later on in pregnancy and can result in the production of smaller and weaker lambs with higher mortality.

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