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Disinfect, Protect, Inspect

The UK’s chief veterinary officer Dr Christine Middlemiss said there was a “phenomenal level” of avian flu in the UK as poultry and waterfowl face “flockdown” for the second year running. Our simple guide below outlines ways you can help to reduce the risks to your flock.

January 2022

Does my horse need a balancer?

Balancers are a low intake feed designed to provide a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, and protein to balance a forage based diet, without excess calories, making them the ideal option for good doers.

December 2021

How to protect your lambs at lambing

The UK sheep industry still loses millions of lambs every lambing season and as many as one in five of the deaths could be down to poor hygiene.

December 2021

How to prevent leptospirosis in cattle

Leptospirosis is one of the most common diseases facing UK herds, with data pointing to infection rates of 70% on dairy farms and 18% on beef farms. MSD Animal Health dairy advisor, Steph Small, explains how best to prevent leptospirosis.

December 2021

Aiming for carbon net zero by 2040

We have developed an environmental roadmap aimed at helping us to become carbon net zero by 2040. The roadmap identifies a number of areas that will reduce the environmental impact of our business whilst we support farmers in doing the same on farm.

December 2021