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Precision Nutrition Rationing Programme

Our diet programme looks at a range of unique nutrients. This enables us to achieve optimal ration balance to deliver on your individual farm’s performance targets and to optimise margin over purchased feed (MOPF).

  • Rumen Unsaturated Fatty Acid Load (RUFAL) - This takes into account oil fractions which influences rumen function and butterfats.
  • Gluco TN - This looks at the precursors to glucose which an animal uses for energy, production, growth and fertility.
  • Rapidly Fermentable Carbohydrates - This provides a more detailed look at energy supply.
  • Total Fermentable Carbohyrates - The combination of fast and slow energy.
  • Structural Fibre Index - The amount of physical fibre in the diet.
  • Acid Load - This is an indication of rumen health.

All of our compounds and blends are balanced using these unique nutrients to deliver optimal performance.

Let your cows talk to us!

The cow is at the heart of everything we do. Many of our team are certified CowSignals trainers. We will look at what your cows and youngstock are telling us in their behaviour and act accordingly; whether that’s tweaking the diet or suggesting changes in cubicle or feed fence set-up. For example, we look at:


  • Signs of neck rubs and how cows are standing at the feed trough
  • Body condition
  • Rumen fill
  • Dung scores
  • Ration makeup - using sieves to determine the balance of physical fibre in the ration.

Feed & Nutritionist Line

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Alternative Feeds & Blends Line

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Minerals Line

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We have a network of nutritionists throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Contact the Feed & Nutritionist Line to find out who your local representative is.