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As a British, farmer owned co-operative our purpose has always been to help producers to improve profitability, productivity and sustainability, whilst creating a highly competitive pricing environment. Ultimately we are driven to help you produce high quality lamb at profitable margin.

As always, we’ve got a full range of lambing essentials to ensure you are prepared for the season ahead, from colostrum to buckets and blocks and feeding equipment.

Our team of nutritionists are also on hand to offer advice on ewe rationing in the run-up to lambing and there after. By analysing your forages they can formulate the most efficient, cost effective diet to meet ewe’ requirements. They can also provide tips on getting lambs off to the best start and feeding options to achieve the very best performance.

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Lambing success begins with the ewe!

Mole Valley Farmers’ range of compound feeds have been carefully formulated to fulfil your ewe’s nutritional needs throughout late pregnancy and post lambing, ensuring the best start to life for her lambs.

The highly palatable range includes specifically selected ingredients to ensure optimum mineral balance. With a fixed formulation it is easy to manage how this best complements your own
farm forage.

As rumen capacity is restricted by growing lambs, the high-quality protein and digestibility
of the feeds is increasingly more important.

Vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin E, are also vital in producing ample colostrum
and milk for suckling lambs.

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