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Adjustable Wellies

Adjustable wellies are the ideal choice for anybody who has wide or narrow calves to ensure the perfect fit. Designed with an easy to adjust strap, the adjustable wellies that we stock at Mole Valley Farmers provide all of the benefits of everyday welllies, with the addition of a more customised fit for additional comfort. 

Browse from brands like Aigle, Barbour, Cotswold and more, in a variety of colours to suit you. If you can't find what you're looking for, take a look at our wider wellington boots range.

Adjustable Wellies

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Set Ascending Direction

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1. How to adjust wellington boot strap

Wellington boot straps are extremely easy to adjust. Depending on the type of strap, they can typically be adjusted by:

  • Opening the buckle or loosening the fastening mechanism.
  • Adjust the strap for a tight or looser fit.
  • Move the buckle to a different hole for a better fit.
  • Find a snug fit that is comfortable, but not too tight.
  • Close the buckle using the fastening mechanism.
  • Walk around to ensure comfort and stability. Adjust further if needed.