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Chemical & Acid Resistant Boots

If you're working around acid or harsh chemicals, then chemical and acid resistant wellington boots are just what you need. Designed using specialised materials, these boots offer a robust defence against dangerous substances, ensuring your feet remain shielded from potential hazardous elements.

At Mole Valley Farmers, we stock wellington boots from trusted brands like Regatta, Dunlop, Bekina and more, so you can trust that the boots that we stock are built to last. Whether you're working in an industrial setting or dealing with hazardous substances, our chemical & acid resistant wellington boots provide the protection you need. Step into safety without compromising on quality - shop our range of chemical resistant wellies online today for footwear that meets the challenges of your environment. If you can't find what you're looking for, take a look at our wider selection of safety boots and wellies.

Chemical & Acid Resistant Boots

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1. What are chemical-resistant wellington boots?

Chemical-resistant boots are designed to protect workers from the risk of skin injuries, allergies, infections and chemical burns caused by hazardous chemical leaks and spills. 

2. What is the standard for chemical-resistant footwear?

Chemical-resistant footwear is approved to either EN ISO 20345:2011 or EN ISO 20347:2012 depending on their use.