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Full Zip Wellington Boots

At Mole Valley Farmers, we understand the importance having footwear that's easy to put on and off, whilst still providing full protection against the elements. That's why we stock a range of full zip wellington boots from well-known welly brands like Le Chameau, Cotswolds and more, so you can be sure that the wellies that we stock, are designed to last.

Whether you're heading out for a walk, working on the farm or enjoying outdoor activities, full zip wellies provide all of the practical benefits of slip on wellies, with the added bonus of a full length zipper, so you can put them on and off with ease. Shop online to find the perfect pair of wellies that combines comfort, style and convenience. If you can't find what you're looking for, take a look at our selection of boots and wellies for a wider range of choice.

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1. Are zipped wellies waterproof?

Zipped wellies are designed to be waterproof. The rubber material of the wellies and the closing mechanism of the zipper work together to keep water out and keep your feet dry in wet conditions. 

2. What are the benefits of zipped wellington boots?

Depending on the brand of the boots, zipped wellies offer several benefits:

  • Easy to put on and take off: The zipper makes it convenient to put on and take off the wellies quickly.
  • Secure fit: The zipper allows for a more customised and secure fit. Zipped wellies with adjustable straps allows the wearer to adjust the tightness around their calves.
  • Versatility: They are versatile and suitable for various occasions, from outdoor activities to casual wear, due to their convenient design.
  • Waterproof: Like traditional wellington boots, zipper wellies maintain their waterproof properties, keeping feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Easy cleaning: The design facilitates easy cleaning.