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Business energy contractsBusiness energy contracts

Business Energy Contracts

Energy contract renewals in as little as 20 minutes with Mole Valley Farmers and Bionic

We understand that for many farmers, the biggest three costs are; feed, labour and energy.

Here you can access our hassle-free personalised service, in partnership with Bionic, by contacting our dedicated Energy Contracts Manager, Roscoe Howard.

Call Roscoe Howard on 01803 926255

It couldn't be easier to research, review and renew!

The energy experts at Bionic will:

1. Conduct a business energy comparison researching the market on your behalf, using secure, smart data to find the most competitive rates.

2. Offer expert advice on available energy deals whether you choose to switch suppliers or negotiate a new deal with your existing supplier.

3. Take care of all the arrangements on your behalf - all you need to do is choose and Bionic will organise the rest.

Call us on 01803 926 255Call us on 01803 926 255

“I was shocked when I found out that my unit rate had increased from 54p to 94p, resulting in a bill of nearly £2,000.

I’ve been a Mole Valley Farmer Shareholder for twenty years, and I thought, ‘Well, I buy my cattle concentrate and wormer from Mole Valley Farmers, why not try energy contracts too?’

I phoned their Energy Contracts Manager, Roscoe. He made the whole thing so easy. I’ve now switched to a fixed rate contract for two years and paying 34p per unit with a new supplier.”

Mr R. Tedbury | Farmer and Highland cattle breeder

Call Roscoe Howard on 01803 926255