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Weekly Straights Update

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Straights Update

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2nd June 2021

Coronavirus update: Whilst at the moment the feed supply chain has not been impacted in terms of raw material availability, we need to be aware of the potential situations that could occur – e.g. ports or hauliers coming under pressure if drivers/dock workers are required to self-isolate. We are therefore asking for plenty of notice regarding your orders to help manage supply going forwards. The trading team will continue to keep you updated going forward.






Protective fat prices have moved up yet again with high demand for palm oil and a tricky freight market. Competitive prices are still available, give a call to your local trading office today.


High Proteins

Hipro soya – Prices moved up as weather dried up in the US, showing how sensitive the market is to any hints of adverse weather. It is still early days for the crop, but stocks are still tighter than previous years. Low water levels in Brazil are hampering loading of boats.

Rapemeal – A little bit of movement up again in line with soya mainly.


Mid Proteins

Glutens – Prices had eased back on forward positions for maize gluten, following maize prices. Drier weather forecasts are providing a bit of support. We expect demand to stay good for gluten in the US. Wheat gluten availability remains very tight.

Distillers – Maize distillers eased a bit more with maize; wheat distillers fluctuate depending on what offers are out at the time, causing quite large swings.



Wheat / barley – Weather eased prices a bit more, but overriding sentiment of dryness in the US has pushed it back up a little.

Maize – As with soya, drier weather in the US is pushing prices back up a little, but the US crop is still expected to be big; though exports for the US remain large as well.



Soya hulls – Tight market nearby for supply in the south, and demand is good for rest of summer so prices are unlikely to come back.

Sugarbeet - Minimal availability on the summer still, and most waiting to see what home produced prices are released for the winter before committing.


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Southern Port Guide Prices

Please call your local trading office for an accurate quotation as these are guides only and may vary in your region. Any opinions expressed are subject to change without notice.


Price changes since 26th May  2021


2nd June 2021

Jun ‘21

Jun-Oct 21

Nov-Apr ‘22

Hipro Soya

354 +12

356 +12

asa363 +13


Ex South Coast


asaAug256 +2

247 +8


Ex Erith

278 -7

253 +2

228 +5

Soya Hulls

184 0

181 0

183 -1

Sugar Beet

226 0

226 0

188 0

Maize Distillers

296 0

asaSep 264

264 -5

Wheat Gluten


asaAug197 0

197 0

Maize Gluten

264 0

252 0

249 0

Whole Maize

254 0

254 0

223 +6 Plus £10 ground

Wheat Distillers


asaJun 292


Palm Kernel Exp

203 +4

198 0

194 0