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We are working hard to be carbon net zero by 2040

We recognise the climate challenge and are working hard to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. We have developed a road map of how we aim to meet our environmental commitments and have identified key areas of our business where we feel our efforts will have the greatest positive effect.

Importantly, we also recognise the role we play in the wider agricultural sector, and we are taking action to help our Shareholders and farming customers meet their environmental commitments.

Our environmental commitments

We are working hard to be carbon net zero by 2040

To operate a 100% clean, zero carbon transport fleet by 2030

To ensure all our energy requirements are met from 100% renewable sources by 2025

To eliminate wherever possible the use of non-recyclable packaging from our own label products by 2030

To source all our feed materials from 100% sustainable, environmentally friendly sources by 2025

Our environmental statement outlines our commitments in more detail and the actions we are taking across our business and with the agricultural sector more widely. Read the full statement here.

Please see an update on our environmental progress for the year October 2021 – September 2022

Climate Positive Agriculture

Our feed business, Mole Valley Feed Solutions, is committed to helping farmers lower their farm's environmental footprint, whilst boosting performance and protecting margins.

Steps we've taken include introducing a selection of no palm/no soya products, calculating the nitrogen and methane impact of different diets and declaring the carbon footprint of feed on labels.