Farmer holding a sheep's foot

Advice in the event of a shortage of Footvax®

Supply issues are continuing to be an issue throughout the agricultural sector but whatshould you do if you are unable to secure supplies of Footvax® vaccine this summer? Lameness caused by foot rot can still be managed using four out of the FAI’s Five Point Plan.

July 2022

Sheep being dosed with wormer medicine

Act now to combat wormer resistance

With 77% of sheep farms already showing resistance to two or more wormer actives, farmers are being urged to make sure they have the strategies in place to safeguard their flocks.

July 2022

Max the stallion carriage driving

The food of champions

Carriage driving has become a family obsession for the Kelly clan who have been sweeping the board with their talented home bred stallion Max.

July 2022

Golden labrador drinking from a water bottle

Keeping canines cool this summer

As dog owners embrace the arrival of warmer summer weather, walks are likely to become more enjoyable for all. However, some dogs struggle with the heat and on very hot days all owners need to watch out for signs of heatstroke.

July 2022