One black and one golden labrador sat on grass looking right

Light food for working dogs

Working and sporting dogs have different nutritional requirements to your average pet dog, which is why they are usually fed on performance food. These high-protein, high calorie formulas offer a slow-release form of energy designed to improve the stamina of active dogs.

June 2022

Six ponies running down a hill

Emma Massingale and the battle of the bulge

The battle has begun! We spend all winter longing for the fresh green pastures and full hedgerows only to be out there with a ruler hoping the grass hasn’t grown a millimetre for fear of laminitis.

June 2022

Ant's eye view of 10 black and white cows grazing grass against a blue sky

The importance of lungworm control in cattle

Cattle lungworm is a cause of serious respiratory disease in youngstock as well as in adult cattle. However, taking a proactive approach to prevention and rapidly treating outbreaks can lessen the negative impact on herd productivity and help to reduce your long-term costs.

June 2022