Overweight dog in the woods

Is it time for your dog to lose some weight?

It’s the New Year and most of us are thinking of shedding a few festive pounds – but should you also be thinking about putting your dog on a diet?

January 2023

You are what you eat - even with four legs

Quality is hugely important when it comes to what we feed our dogs - for their energy levels, health and fitness.

January 2023

Trevor Frost

Looking after our vital Registered Animal Medicines Advisors

Our dedicated RAMAs are always in-store and on hand to help you keep your livestock in tip top condition and the Newsletter team recently caught up with the man in charge.

January 2023

Bags of nitrogen fertiliser

How to get the most from your nitrogen

Nitrogen fertiliser efficiency in warm, dry weather is reduced and losses can be costly in more ways than one – affecting your bank balance, the environment and the quality and quantity of your crop.

January 2023

Cows eating feed in barn

Making the most of your forage is just good sense

With rising input costs there has never been a better time to consider how well your dairy or beef herds are using the valuable forages you provide.

January 2023

Cows in lit dairy shed

Get brighter to boost yields

Research over the last ten years has shown specific light can affect and regulate our moods and wellbeing - and dairy cows are no different.

January 2023

Young girl in a country landscape

British Farming Needs You!

As we enter a new year, many are aware of the increased emphasis on reducing meat and dairy messages on screens, newspapers and online. Ensuring consumers can make informed choices about the food they eat is more important than ever.

January 2023

Cows feeding in barn

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Last year brought more than its fair share of challenges for our farmers, coping with rising input  costs, increasing uncertainty and extreme market volatility.

January 2023

Friesian calf in barn

Boost colostrum quality to protect calves from scours

Farms are still losing too many calves to scours - the main cause of death in calves under two months of age.

January 2023

Sunset over fields and sea

Free support expanded in the South West to help our farmers

Farmers and landowners in the region can now access help to adapt to changes in agricultural grants, thanks to a £2.6 million support programme.

January 2023