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How our Focus Farm maximises heifer growth at grass

Regular weighing, maximising  grass quality and routine supplementation are just some of the ways Duchy College ensures heifers calve in at 24 months.

June 2024

Challenging trading conditions reflected in financial results of Mole Valley Farmers

Mole Valley Farmers reports its financial results for the year ending September 2023, with sales largely unchanged on the previous year at £610m, but a challenging trading environment and rising costs resulted in a group operating loss of £7.6m for the year. 

12 June 2024

Early first cut silage quality should give welcome relief

Early first cut silage results are analysing well, which should give welcome relief to some farmers following a challenging winter and spring.

June 2024

We know the lambs love it…but what about our farmers?

We’re proud of our Multi-Lamb pellets and as lamb prices continue to soar, we asked one of our farmers why they work so well. 

June 2024

Meet Red Meat Team member Chris Lavis

Our new Red Meat Team is standing by to help our beef and sheep producers with tailored advice on everything from improving efficiencies, productivity and profitability to embracing innovation. This month, we meet team member Chris Lavis. 

May 2024

Managing multi species leys

Grassland management is key to getting the best forages on farm but with new varieties available under the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) it’s not just the changing climate to consider.  

May 2024

Do you know your herd’s Lifetime Yield

Many dairy farmers would benefit from calculating and understanding their herd’s Lifetime Daily Yield (LDY) to look at ways of improving it. 

May 2024

Virus Shield boost at Riverford Organic Dairy

Herd Manager Stuart Cock is always looking at ways to reduce waste and increase productivity at Riverford Organic Dairy. 

May 2024

Making the switch

Mole Valley Farmers has been helping Riverford Organic’s herd manager Stuart Cock switch to Virus Shield to help reduce plastic waste and increase productivity.

May 2024

Soil leaching threatens animal health post turnout

Following the recent relentless heavy rainfall, concern has been raised about forage quality because of mineral leaching from the soil. 

May 2024