Dog jumping over pole at show

Agility has its Perks

We caught up with our young agility expert Sally Perks as she heads into competition season with her talented dog, Dream.

May 2023

Feed lorry on the road

Using Collaborative Power to Secure the Best Feed Prices for Your Farm

We are working hard to ensure our Farmer Shareholders, members, and customers receive the most competitive price on their livestock feed and receive the best nutritional advice as we head into summer.

May 2023

a round fence post with barbed wire in a field

Timber you can trust

The war in Ukraine has reduced timber exports around the world but the man in charge of sourcing our fencing products, Ian Hedden, is confident we’ll have a reliable timber supply for years to come. He explains how we do it.

May 2023

Supporting new talent into the industry

We’re proud to be supporting the next generation of young people working in the agricultural industry and we’ve been joined by two talented university students eager to learn all they can about the Mole approach.

May 2023

Ariel view of fields

Accurate data key to lowering scope 3 emissions

In our regular Head out of Farm series we’re investigating the pressure our farmers are under to cut scope 3 emissions and why assessing carbon levels has never been more important.

May 2023

calf being fed milk replacer

Giving your calves the best possible start

The calves born today are your future dairy herd so any decisions made now will impact on your business and bottom line

May 2023

Flies on a cow's nose

Protect your cattle to prevent costly losses

Those pesky flies are back and we spoke to our Farm Sales Team Leader and Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA) Zoe Wall about the best way to protect your herd.

May 2023

Tick-borne diseases on the increase as UK warms

Increasing temperatures and a move to farming less intensively are favouring tick populations. Molecare Farm Vets Alice Coppin-Harris and Steph Patel outline the risks ticks pose to cattle and sheep.

May 2023

sheep inside a sheep handling system

The importance of good handling

With most people’s lambing season over and summer just around the corner we’re heading into the peak season for sheep handling

May 202

cows in kale

Filling the forage gap

Last year’s dry summer and high fertiliser and purchased feed prices have made it challenging for farmers to produce enough feed with many dipping into their winter stocks through the summer and autumn

May 2023