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Inaugural Farmer Expo hailed success

Hundreds of Farmer Shareholders and customers attended our first Farmer Expo, featuring more than 50 top agricultural suppliers. 

February 2024

Reduce the risk of silent killer

Wearing full-length gloves at lambing can reduce the risk of contracting the deadly disease sepsis, which tragically claimed the life of one of our colleagues.

February 2024

Breakthrough formula inspired by colostrum

It’s well known good colostrum management is vital in providing the foundations for strong calf health and productivity. 

January 2024

Seek support to get the most from new methane inhibitor

What impact will feeding the new Bovaer® feed additive have on my herd’s enteric methane production, and how can I tweak the diet to lower overall greenhouse gas emissions?

January 2024

Are mycotoxins challenging your dairy herd performance

Weather in recent years has been far from ideal with growing conditions leading to stressed crops and difficult harvests.

January 2024

The importance of pre-calving nutrition

As spring calving approaches, now is the time to pay some extra attention to pre-calving nutrition to ensure that pregnant cows obtain the correct levels of trace elements and nutrients to ensure healthy calves are born with ease.

January 2023

Nearly £300,000 returned to shareholders through loyalty bonus scheme

We are pleased to announce a loyalty bonus payment of almost £300,000 to Farmer Shareholders for the financial year 1st October 2022 – 30th September 2023.

January 2024

Warning to buy spring cereal and bean seeds now

There has been considerable interest in spring cereal seed availability following extreme weather conditions in the UK and Europe. 

January 2024

Another weapon against resistance

STARTECT®, a dual active group 5 wormer, has returned following supply challenges and can now be prescribed by your vet or Registered Animal Medicines Advisor. 

January 2024

Preventing milk drop this winter

A hot, humid September coupled with variable silage quality means milk yields have taken a dive this autumn, with many farmers worried about the impact on milk cheques. 

January 2024