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Forthglade: Planning adventures with your canine companionForthglade: Planning adventures with your canine companion

Forthglade: Planning adventures with your canine companion

Enjoying days out or short breaks away with a canine companion is a wonderful way to enjoy memorable experiences together and build a precious bond with your dog.  

Adventures with a dog often mean more time spent in the great outdoors, but also dogs are brilliant at helping us switch off; helping us take in sights, sounds, smells and generally keeping us ‘present and mindful’.

To help make the most of adventures with our four-legged friends, Forthglade, makers of natural dog food and tasty treats, have shared some top tips for dog-friendly happy travels for the summer. 

Keeping fueled up

If you’re planning a full-day trip (or mini-break) with your dog, then don’t forget food and water supplies.  A water bottle with a lid that acts as a bowl for your dog can save space in rucksacks and if you need to feed your dog a complete meal while you’re out, plan a quiet spot on route where they can eat in peace, calmly.  

Try to avoid exercising dogs on a full tummy; allow your dog at least 30 minutes after eating before you set off walking again. Alternatively, you can feed pieces of their meal throughout your day, as rewards for all the exploring! This will mean they’re not eating a whole serving in one go, but they get the energy they need throughout the day.   

Remember that dogs can’t keep moving for as long as us - although they might not show it! They need double the amount of sleep as us humans, so if you’re planning a day-long adventure, schedule a snooze session along the way – maybe 40 winks during coffee stops, lunches or at tea-time.

Keeping fueled upKeeping fueled up
Visiting new locationsVisiting new locations

Visiting new locations

When visiting new areas with a dog try and do some research in advance.  

Check to see if there are any areas with restricted dog access, perhaps needing dogs on-leads due to wildlife such as livestock, deer or even ground-nesting birds. 

Waste management

Don’t forget to carry waste bags at all times, so that the environment is always left the way you found it.

If waste bins are not as frequent as you’d hope, then double bagging is useful and just pop the bag on the exterior of a rucksack to help avoid any unpleasant aromas - until you reach a bin

Waste managementWaste management
Lead the wayLead the way

Lead the way

Teaching your dog to walk calmly by your side can help with on-lead and off-lead walking - meaning your dog is happy walking next to - or behind - you, instead of running back and forth risking sending you (or other walkers) tripping over. 

If your dog isn’t comfortable in the presence of other dogs and people, walking in a busy location for a long time could be stressful for them. Try to plan walks in quieter spaces or where your dog can have space around them.  If you sense any anxiety distract your dog with some tasty treats or calming affection, and then confidently continue walking until you sense they are calm again.

Your dog may be micro-chipped but don’t forget to add a tag to their collar or harness.  Name, address and mobile phone number are useful just in case you ever get separated.  

Breathe it in

Enjoying adventures with a dog can be an incredible experience for us all, helping to nourish our time together.

Forthglade have a wide range of delicious natural recipes for dogs; wet food, cold-pressed dry dog food and tempting treats – all packed with high-quality ingredients and free from junk or fillers.

Breathe it inBreathe it in