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Homemade cooling treatsHomemade cooling treats

Homemade cooling treats

Keeping your pet cool this summer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are some of our favourite low-cost cooling treats that you can make at home.

Ice cream

Step 1

Mix two spoons of natural yoghurt with one spoon of dog-safe peanut butter (must not contain xylitol). Add some extra tasty treats like blueberries if desired.

Step 2

Spread over a lick mat, into a plastic bowl or into a Kong and freeze.

Ice creamIce cream
Frozen KongsFrozen Kongs

Frozen Kongs

Step 1

Don’t throw away the crumbs at the bottom of a dog food bag. Instead, add some boiling water and mix thoroughly as it cools.

Step 2

Smooth over a lick mat or into a Kong and freeze.