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Meet BearMeet Bear

Meet Bear

Meet Bear, a silver-coated five-month-old Labrador who belongs to Will in our procurement team. Bear simply loves attention whether it be cuddles with his human sisters or fuss from other pet lovers out on walks.  Between walks in the woods and naps on the sofa, you can find Bear partaking in his favourite pastimes, playing with his cuddly toys and eating his Country Dog food.

Will has shared his top tips from his puppy-raising crash course with us.

“Puppies are a commitment and a lifestyle change. Be prepared to have very little sleep for the first few weeks and for things in your home to get destroyed.

Bear is teething at the moment, so he’s chewed all the plants and the pom poms on the girls’ hats. We’ve had to make sure he has lots of toys and chews so that we can swap out inappropriate chew toys for real ones!

To help with toilet training, let your puppy out every hour and give them lots of praise when they go. Never raise your voice or punish them for having an accident as this can teach them to avoid going to the toilet in front of you which will make accidents more frequent.

The most important thing is to give them lots of reassurance and love. It’s a new world to them and they’re getting used to you as much as you’re getting used to them. Everything they’ve ever known since they were born has changed so you’ll need lots of patience to help them settle.”