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Meet StellaMeet Stella

Meet Stella

Meet Stella, a 13-year-old Jack Russell x Westie who belongs to Caroline in our Accounts team. Stella’s at her happiest when chasing balls and being the centre of attention at the pub. Although you won’t catch her outside in the rain, she loves trying her best at agility (even if she gets a little over-excited) and hanging out with her boyfriend Trevor, a 3-year-old Jack Russell x Pug.

Caroline and Stella shared with us some of their top tips for travelling with your dog this summer.

 Always ensure your dog is secure while travelling for example in a crate or on a seat belt extension attached to a harness. It’s actually illegal to have your dog loose in the car and you could be fined thousands for it.

 If you have a young, nervous, or inexperienced dog make sure you build up journey lengths gradually so they can get used to it.

Take the dog to the toilet before setting off and ideally exercise them beforehand so they’re tired for the journey.

Take regular breaks if you’re going to be in the car for more than an hour or so. They’ll want to wee, have a drink, and stretch their legs too.

Try not to leave your pet in the car alone and never leave them in the heat. Dog theft is increasingly common and cars can become like ovens extremely quickly.

If you’re travelling a long distance let them have some familiar items in the car like toys or blankets.

Take plenty of water and food for them.

Pack a spare harness, collar and leads in case of emergencies.

If they get travel sick speak to your vet who can give you some medication.