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Whimzees: Making dental care easyWhimzees: Making dental care easy

Whimzees: Making dental care easy

4 out of 5 dogs have some form of dental disease by the time they are 3 years old, however as little as 2% of pet owners actually brush their pet’s teeth?**

Luckily, WHIMZEES® by Wellness, all-natural daily dental treats make dental care easy!

*Based on studies of comparable products conducted by an independent kennel. **American Pet Products Association.

WHIMZEES® by Wellness are scientifically proven to help reduce plaque, reduce tartar, freshen breath, and help gum health.

Thanks to its 100% natural ingredients, WHIMZEES® by Wellness are perfect for daily use: they are vegetarian, hypoallergenic & low in fat and calories.

Due to the increased dietary fibre, WHIMZEES® by Wellness treats have a firmer structure. This firmer texture promotes a longer chew time for increased cleaning time as well as naturally helps to polish your dog’s teeth while chewing.

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