December seasonal alertsDecember seasonal alerts

December seasonal alerts

The season may be jolly, but there are a few hazards that pet owners should be aware of.


·         Antifreeze is extremely dangerous for both dogs and cats. Cats are particularly drawn to the sweet taste. If ingested, it can cause kidney damage and take days for symptoms to show.


Contact your vet immediately if you believe they may have licked antifreeze.

Christmas foodChristmas food

Christmas food

Christmas means fun for all the family, but ensure you avoid giving your pet the following toxic foods: chocolate, onions, garlic, gravy, raisins, grapes, Christmas cake, cooked bones, many nuts and blue cheese.

Miscellaneous items

Other Christmas hazards include poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, Christmas trees, silica gel packets and alcohol.

Miscellaneous itemsMiscellaneous items


The season may be jolly, but it’s also cold. When the paths and roads are gritted, this can cause havoc for our furry friends.

Grit can cause skin irritation and digestive discomfort if ingested. Keep paws trimmed and get in the habit of rinsing them after walks to minimize discomfort and risks.