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As a British farmer owned cooperative, everything we do is focused around helping farmers build profitable, sustainable businesses. It’s something we’ve been passionate about for over 60 years.

Our team of ruminant nutritionists can provide tailor-made rations, underpinned by the latest research and development to deliver on your farm specific goals.

Our four ruminant feed mills, two feed blending plants and dedicated mineral and supplements facility mean we can service most of the UK, from the tip of Cornwall to Ayrshire.

Herds using Mole Valley Feed Solutions' products and services are achieving nearly an additional £40 per cow MOPF (margin over purchase feed) versus the industry standard. This equates to over £15,000 per year for a large herd (Kingshay, year ending March 2021).



Precision Nutrition Rationing Programme

Our diet programme looks at a range of unique nutrients. This enables us to achieve optimal ration balance to deliver on your individual farm’s performance targets and to optimise margin over purchased feed (MOPF).

Climate Positive Agriculture

Mole Valley Farmers has started on a journey to help farmers lower the environmental impact of ruminant diets as part of our ‘Climate Positive Agriculture’ initiative.

Research and Development

We’re continuously investing in research and development - We work with leading global researchers to ensure we’re providing farmers with the latest thinking in ruminant nutrition. We also run our own research programme, including heifer protein feeding trials and beef innovation.

Feed & Nutritionist Line

T: 01278 444829

E: [email protected]


Alternative Feeds & Blends Line

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Minerals Line

T: 01278 420481

E: [email protected]

We have a network of nutritionists throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Contact the Feed & Nutritionist Line to find out who your local representative is.