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GWF: Support your dog's springtime defences from the inside outGWF: Support your dog's springtime defences from the inside out

GWF: Support your dog's springtime defences from the inside out

There’s nothing quite like getting out in the fresh air with your dog in the beautiful spring weather. However, it’s also the time of year that seasonal allergies begin to emerge and dogs can suffer from hay fever and other allergies just like their owners. If your dog is showing signs of itchy skin, a runny nose or sneezing, it could be a sign of an allergic reaction. 

Why not give your dog’s natural defences a helping hand this springtime? Immune Aid for Dogs is a dietary supplement that’s packed with beneficial nutrients found in food and it’s easy to feed too – just sprinkle over your pup’s favourite food daily. 

It includes 15 active ingredients including turmeric & black pepper extracts to help your dog deal with allergens and irritants in the environment the natural way. 

Environmental allergies in dogs

Dust, dust mites, mould, grass and pollen are some of the most common environmental allergens, so enjoying a roll around in the grass could leave your dog with some unpleasant side effects. And often the more your dog is exposed to allergens, the more severe the allergic response becomes. This means that without proper management allergies can become worse.


Tell-tale signs of an environmental allergy in your dog may include lesions on the underside or top of the feet, itchy skin, sneezing, sore runny eyes and inflammation or bald patches. You may even see respiratory symptoms in your dog as a result of seasonal allergies like hay fever.

Environmental allergies in dogsEnvironmental allergies in dogs
What can you do?What can you do?

What can you do?

Your vet may suggest steroids if your dog has really itchy and uncomfortable skin as they can provide welcome relief from the allergy symptoms – but be aware that there are side effects which can impact your dog’s health in other ways such as high blood pressure and kidney disease. Antibiotics may also be recommended if your vet feels there is a secondary infection as a result of your dog’s itching, licking and chewing. 

And of course, supplementing your dog’s diet with nutraceuticals can also help to support their natural defences from the inside out. 

Immune Aid for Dogs

Curcumin (concentrated turmeric extract) is a natural and powerful antioxidant that supports the normal anti-inflammatory action of the body. 

Piperine (black pepper extract) enhances the absorption of curcumin and other actives. 

Vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium are important antioxidants that work together to mop up free radicals. 

Omega 3 essential fatty acids help to maintain the natural anti-inflammatory actions of the dog’s body and reinforce the skin’s barrier.

A microscopic toxin binder helps the body to expel irritants or allergens from the environment or from food. 

Oligosaccharides also help to expel allergens and support the body’s immune responses.   

Vitamin D3 & high-quality protein to further support the immune system. 

Oatinol is a unique lipid-based formulation that helps to ensure a higher absorption rate of these important active ingredients.

Simply sprinkle over your dog's favourite food daily for optimum results. Each 500g pouch lasts as long as 200 days depending on your dog's weight, so it can be a cost-effective way to support their immune system.

Immune Aid for DogsImmune Aid for Dogs

Always seek advice from your vet. If you suspect that your dog is having an allergic reaction you should contact your vet as soon as possible to identify the cause and establish a course of treatment as soon as possible. In severe cases an anaphylactic response may be seen in which case your dog will need urgent medical attention.