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How to look after garden machineryHow to look after garden machinery

How to look after garden machinery

As we all get busy in the garden this summer, it’s important to remember the most efficient ways to look after your equipment. Our friends at STIHL have worked on some handy video guides to share their knowledge before you get to work on renovating your outdoor space.

Looking after your lawn

As excitement builds for the warmer weather, it can often be tempting to try and nail the perfect lawn during your first cut.

However, STIHL advises that you should work on the lawn in a gradual fashion, checking back on your cutting blade to ensure it’s sharp enough to leave you with finely cut grass.

How to fit blades on a brushcutter

Paying attention to the detail on your brushcutter can often be a second thought process, but STIHL’s handy guide walks you through the steps needed to safely replace and fit the blades.

Sharpening your chainsaw

You wouldn’t use a blunt pair of scissors to cut your hair, so why would you use a blunt chainsaw to work in the garden?

In their helpful video, STIHL outline how to correctly sharpen your chainsaw to be in its best condition for those tougher jobs this summer.