Image of clean cow udder

Dairy farmer delighted with our revolutionary new product

Our unique and exclusive new disinfectant is helping to improve teat condition, manage mastitis and reduce plastic waste.

Virus Shield is a pure chlorine dioxide-based teat disinfectant using new and unique microreactor technology, which comes in a ‘tea bag’ sealed within a pouch. All Farmer Shareholders and members need to do is add the perforated bag to water to infuse, creating a highly effective andconcentrated product in two hours.

Mid Devon dairy farmer Henry Cole trialled Virus Shield as a pre and post-dip earlier this year and said he was impressed with how well it worked. Not only did it maintain teat cleanliness, it also improved teat condition making them easier to wipe clean.

He said: “We simply added the tea bags to a 200 litre drum, left it for a couple of hours and then it was ready to use, lasting about three to four weeks.

“The improved condition of the cow’s teat was really noticeable and when I rubbed the nproduct on my hands, it left them soft.”

Mr Cole milks 140 Holstein cows through a 14:14 herringbone parlour. The highest yielders are housed inside on sawdust bedded cubicles covered with lime all year round and the lower yielders are outside during the summer.

Mr Cole said the lime can dry out the teats, adding the data was not yet in on his farm’s mastitis levels. He said: “Traditionally, we would use iodine as a pre-dip and a lactic acid post-dip, which work well, but can leave the teats dry.

“When using Virus Shield, we didn’t have this problem. Cell counts also remained stable at around 140 to 160,000.” Aside from better cow health, the lack of plastic waste was also a huge benefit.

“Because the product comes in a tea bag and is added to water, you don’t end up with large plastic drums around the farm that need getting rid of,” he said.

Mr Cole supplies Arla, which emphasises looking after the environment in its standards. He added: “Arla is hot on the environmental side of things, so this is a tick in the right box.”

The concentrated disinfectant has been found to reduce bacterial contamination of the udder and can be used as a pre- or post-teat dip, spray or foam to disinfect the teats thoroughly. Due to its purity and added moisturisers, it also helps maintain and improve teat condition.

It comes in a small, uniquely designed and patented bag containing chemicals that form chlorine dioxide on contact with cold water. There’s no need to transport and deliver in water, saving the need for plastic barrels.

As a pre-dip, the Virus Shield chlorine dioxide disinfectant kills 99.9999% of bacteria before wiping. Post-dip should be applied as normal. Once mixed, the concentration lasts at least 30 days and up to 90 days.

Additional uses of Virus Shield include use as a cold water circulation cleaner saving you energy and money.