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Another weapon against resistance

STARTECT®, a dual active group 5 wormer, has returned following supply challenges and can now be prescribed by your vet or Registered Animal Medicines Advisor. 

January 2024

New lower carbon solution for feeding ewes

Our team at Mole Valley Feed Solutions has developed an improved range of ewe feeds for the new season. It includes a new product designed to help lower our farmers’ feed carbon footprints. 

November 2023

Keeping your flock safe

Quarantining all incoming sheep is crucial to minimise the risk of introducing resistant worms onto your farm and into your flock.

September 2023

sheep inside a sheep handling system

The importance of good handling

With most people’s lambing season over and summer just around the corner we’re heading into the peak season for sheep handling

May 202

a single sheep in a field of grass

Test don’t guess to curb wormer resistance

Conducting regular Faecal Egg Count (FEC) tests throughout the grazing season helps to maintain growth rates and avoid unnecessary and expensive treatments.

April 2023

7 sheep in a field looking at the camera

Quarantine and drench returning sheep

Farmers are being reminded to treat all incoming sheep with a Group 4 or 5 wormer and  quarantine them to prevent resistant worms being brought on farm.

April 2023

A fly sat on a leaf

Start thinking about fly control now

Blowfly strike becomes a problem as soon as temperatures rise, so with summer on its way now is the time for sheep farmers to start planning fly control.

April 2023

Matt Blacklidge - BDM Piercebridge

Preventing Nematodirus this spring

Nematodirus can cause high mortality in lambs and impact growth rates if not monitored and managed correctly.

March 2023

A ewe with a lamb in straw/hay

Clostridial disease - latest advice following vaccine shortage

Last year’s supply problems of various sizes of the Heptavac® P Plus vaccine made clostridial disease and pasteurellosis management challenging for some sheep farmers. But what’s the latest?

February 2023