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Liver function key to maximising yields on robotic milking systems

Rationing of robotic milking herds needs to ensure liver metabolism, and specifically glucose production, are prioritised to ensure cows can reach their full genetic potential.

November 2023

Dairy farmer’s advice on controlling calf coccidiosis

Third generation farmer Darren Coombes has been successfully feeding a coccidiostat to dairy calves to help control coccidiosis.

September 2023

Dairy feeding dilemmas?

With the likely pressure of tight forage stocks, fluctuating milk prices, input cost uncertainty and rising interest rates, understanding your farm’s priorities this winter will be vital.

September 2023

Herd of black and white cows in pasture

Curb anthelmintic resistance in cattle

There are approximately 20 different species of gutworms that live in the intestines of cattle and cause a condition called parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE)


July 2023

Image of clean cow udder

Dairy farmer delighted with our revolutionary new product

Our unique and exclusive new disinfectant is helping to improve teat condition, manage mastitis and reduce plastic waste.

July 2023

cows in shed eating silage

Dietary changes to reduce heat stress losses in dairy cows

Having a plan in place to adjust rations as temperatures spike can offset production losses associated with heat stress this summer

June 2023

Virus Shield - the 'tea bag' set to revolutionise the dairy industry

We are proud to be launching Virus Shield - a unique, cutting edge technology developed by scientists in the USA and UK

June 2023

Flies on a cow's nose

Protect your cattle to prevent costly losses

Those pesky flies are back and we spoke to our Farm Sales Team Leader and Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA) Zoe Wall about the best way to protect your herd.

May 2023

Dairy Cows in a field

Protect herds from spring butterfat depression

As dairy herds are turned out for spring grazing, farmers should balance rumen function and energy demands to avoid butterfat depression and fertility issues.

March 2023

Cows in lit dairy shed

Get brighter to boost yields

Research over the last ten years has shown specific light can affect and regulate our moods and wellbeing - and dairy cows are no different.

January 2023