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Field of wheat

Updates on Sustainable Farming Incentive from DEFRA

We are pleased to bring you the latest updates from DEFRA with the SFI payments for organic, arable, upland and livestock farmers.

July 2023

Herd of black and white cows in pasture

Curb anthelmintic resistance in cattle

There are approximately 20 different species of gutworms that live in the intestines of cattle and cause a condition called parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE)


July 2023

flock of white sheep in long grass

How to stop lameness in its tracks

Lameness in sheep is still costing our industry millions of pounds every year, with the estimated cost of foot rot alone between £20m to £80m a year, according to AHDB

July 2023

tractor with seeding implement on grass field

Top tips for autumn grass reseeding

Two thirds of all grass reseeds happen in the autumn to allow the new sward to establish and build up its full production potential over the winter before grazing or silaging in the spring.

July 2023

Fuel tanker on the road

Fuelling your farm

We have a team of traders dedicated to finding our Farmer Shareholders and Members the best deal possible on their fuel

July 2023

Image of clean cow udder

Dairy farmer delighted with our revolutionary new product

Our unique and exclusive new disinfectant is helping to improve teat condition, manage mastitis and reduce plastic waste.

July 2023

Grass cover crop

Help with your environmental cover crops

There is an increased emphasis on ensuring our land is farmed in an environmentally sustainable way and increasing plant biodiversity and regenerative farming are hot topics

July 2023

Centurion steel post fencing system

Centurion - the last fencing system you’ll ever need

We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with the UK’s largest ironmongers to create a revolutionary new metal fencing system

July 2023

Jack Cordery and Minette Batters at the opening of the Lifton Mill upgrade

NFU President opens £4m upgrade of our Lifton Feed Mill

We were delighted to welcome President of the National Farmers Union Minette Batters to open our newly upgraded Lifton Feed Mill following a £4m investment

June 2023

cows in shed eating silage

Dietary changes to reduce heat stress losses in dairy cows

Having a plan in place to adjust rations as temperatures spike can offset production losses associated with heat stress this summer

June 2023