Think Mole Valley Farmers for all your organic needs

Mole Valley Farmers has been supporting the organic sector with a wide range of products and services for more than 25 years - and it’s a commitment we intend to keep.

The road ahead looks positive for the organic sector with sales of organic produce increasing by about 6% a year through supermarkets, box schemes, catering, independent retailers and online stores. That’s three times faster than conventional produce.

Arla has also recently announced its aim to grow organic sales by a minimum 50% in five years. This will lift the co-op’s organic milk requirements from 180 to 270 million litres a year - good news for organic dairy farmers.

If you’re looking for advice or a wide selection of organic inputs, Mole Valley Farmers has it all. Our team of organic specialists can help with organic audits and provide a dedicated Kingshay Dairy Costings service for organic producers.

We’re continuously investing in our Huntworth mill and have recently upgraded our press lines to future-proof our organic offering. We can produce an extensive range of organic compounds and meals and also have an array of organic straights available to suit specific farm needs.

Our range of organic compounds are designed with quality in mind and include:


We not only supply, but manufacture, source and invest in the supply chain to meet the needs of the organic farmer. Our commitment to British, homegrown, organic protein is something we’re particularly proud of.

Every year we buy around 2,000 tonnes of organic lucerne from a local farmer who grows, dries and pellets it before it enters our mill. At 23% protein, it compares favourably with imported lucerne, which is typically around 17% protein.


DUP is high quality by-pass protein which helps drive milk production, milk proteins and productivity. Our Rumigan Dairy compounds include a range of DUP. For example, Rumigan Dairy 14 has 4.2% DUP and Rumigan Dairy 21 has up to 6.6% DUP.


All our compounds have high energy levels as standard, plus we have a dedicated high energy range, which is carefully balanced for rumen health and performance. Our offering doesn’t stop there. We can also provide a selection of organic minerals, calf milk replacers, grass seed and more! To find out how we can help, please get in contact, we’d be happy to help.

Did you know?

  • We can service organic farmers in the south, south Wales and South West
  • We have an extensive range of organically approved mineral supplements produced at our mineral plant in Bridgwater
  • Our organic customers can make the most of Kingshay’s Dairy Costings service, allowing specific performance benchmarking against other organic businesses
  • Our knowledgeable team can help with organic audits
  • We are always looking for innovative and unique products to help our farmers
  • We are working on research projects with the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers
  • As well as ruminant feeds, we also have a limited range of organic monogastric feeds available

Silage Additives

Mole Valley Farmers can supply non-GM, organic approved silage additives including Mole Dominator, Mole Active and Mole Maize. Ecosyl 100 and Ecocool are also organic approved.

Rumigan Dairy Range

Available as a 14, 16, 18 or 21% protein nut to suit a range of dairy systems. The range has been formulated to meet all the needs of the milking organic cows. Carefully selected raw materials ensure a balanced supply of energy, protein, starch, sugars and fibres to meet the requirements for milk yield, milk quality, cow condition and fertility and are designed to match organic forages.

VF Rumigan Youngstock

A high quality, no soya compound designed for fast and efficient growth of dairy heifers and other youngstock.

Organic Straights

Mole Valley Feed Solutions can supply a wide selection of fully approved organic feed straights. This includes maize, wheat,
barley, oats, beans, soya, sunflower, rapeseed meal, peas, lucerne, palm kernel and molasses. We also have a dedicated organic straights trader who can provide market leading advice.

Rumigan Dry Cow Rolls

A high-quality roll formulated specifically to meet the requirements of organic far off and close up dry cows. A wide variety of high quality, fully organic ingredients ensure dry cows get all the nutrients they need to prepare for lactation. 21% protein, 4.1% oil, 9.2% fibre.

Mole-LYX Range

A range of mineral buckets are available for milking cows, dry cows, beef, sheep and sucklers.

Organic Rumigan Premier Leys - Grass Seed

Whether it’s cutting or cutting and grazing leys you’re after, we have a selection of organic grass seed mixes to choose from. We also offer bespoke mixes.

Calfstart Organic

An organic calf milk replacer rich in skim milk powder (60%) with milk protein levels of over 90%. 24% protein, 18% oil, 1% fibre, 7% ash.

All products are approved by the Soil Associations and Organic Farmers & Growers unless otherwise stated.

For information on all things organic, contact the team:

Charlie Lowis: 07816 174256

Feed Line: 01278 444829

Organic Straights: 01566 780261