Two tractors harvesting silage

Silage lessons learnt

The 2022 growing season provided a clear reminder of why it’s important to capture and lock-in silage yield and quality at every opportunity.

November 2022

Beware the threat of winter coccidiosis

Coccidiosis cases in autumn born calves housed over the winter are common and the disease risk remains high until Christmas.

November 2022

Friesian calf in barn

Top tips for maximising heifer growth rates

Rearing dairy heifer calves is one of a dairy farmers’ biggest annual expenses accounting for around 20% of production costs, despite heifers yielding no income until their first lactation and little profit until their second year.

November 2022

A single sheep on grass

Sheep Nutrition talk

Molecare Farm Vets, in conjunction with Mole Valley Farmers and Mole Valley Feed Solutions, is pleased to host a Sheep Nutrition talk on Tuesday 1st November from 12-2pm

October 2022

Two rats

The true cost of pest control

With rising food costs, escalating fuel charges and increases in energy prices to consider, it can be tempting to look at areas where cutbacks can be made - but is pest control one of them?

October 2022